2017 my views on Genealogy DNA

DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid to give it’s full title. Is being used more and more in genealogy.

I saw Ancestry advertising on television for a DNA test. I was a little curious and thought I would give it a go. This is an autosomal test which looks at your more recent ancestors and five generations back.

I ordered the kit and waited for it to come, I think it took about a week or two. Once I received it I followed the instructions. I had to register the test number on the site Ancestry.co.uk. I then spat into a vial to collect my saliva sample.

It was just short of two months before I received the results. No one really matched me back then. It gave me 47% western European, 33% Ireland and 12% Great Britain. It was in it’s early stages in 2015.

It was a full 18 months before someone shared a common ancestor with me. This was on my dad’s side of the family. She is my 7th cousin, we share my 6th great grandfather Henry Warner. I go down the route of Henry’s son James and this match goes down the daughter Sarah. Sarah’s daughter was transported to Australia as a criminal. The match lives in Australia now too.

Since the test I have had two other matches one was a 4th cousin 2 x removed. This was on my mother’s side going through my nan. The shared ancestor was Francis Lovis Hearn who’s son Francis Gliddon Hearn is my route and this match is his daughter Ann “Peggy” Hearn path. I did not even know the route this one took, so this added to my family tree.

The other match the lastest one is even closer a 3rd cousin 3x removed. This is also on my mothers side but is down my grandads route. My 4th great grandfather John Murch is our shared ancestor this time it is two daughters Charlotte for me and Louisa for the ancestor. Also giving more people into my family tree. That’s is as much I will talk on the Ancestry DNA.

Over a year ago I embarked further on my familytree once I found my second great grandmother was born in India. Her name was Susannah. I joined a society called FIBIS (Friends in British India Society). I could find baptism of my 2nd great grandmother and her  siblings but no marriage of the parents Charles and Cecelia.

FIBIS had a competition on why would you want a DNA test. I told my 2nd great grandmothers story. I was one of the winners. The competition was for a family finder also called an autosomal. I had already done one of them so the company offered me a MTDNA test which tests the motherline only. All I had to do was pay the difference which I did. This test was done by Family Tree DNA a big company.

I was send two buccal swabs, which I had to scrape the inside of my cheeks, which I did. It was nearly two months before I got my results, I was hapologroup J subtype J1C1F. They gave me a list of people who matched the hapologroup I was in.

I do have a few 0 genetic distances at the moment. Only two of them have familytrees with them, but could find no matching people to my tree.

I paid money to go down the YDNA route. I did not have to provide a sample as they already had one. A month and half later I got my results I had taken 12 markers the lowest one you can take.

Why did I want to test my YDNA, well I had got so far on my father to father to father line. I had got back to my 3rd great grandfather John Grimes but no further. My 3rd and 2nd great grandfathers were born in Ireland. I was wondering if the DNA could get be back any further.

I was R-M269 they gave me quite a few matches, but we did not share any ancestors.

I decided to go up to the next markers which was 25. This took less then a month to come. The matches became less and distance was described. I also had a name sake who shared the name Grimes. I messaged him but have not received a reply.

I then months later did the 37 markers which also cut down even more matches. Maybe I will have to wait for more people like me to test  and then be able to exchange information.

The end of last year I tried out this new company doing DNA they were called Living DNA. A more UK and Ireland based company.

I did like Family tree dna buccal swabs and sent them off. Now what seemed like an eternity 3 to 4 months never had I waited that long for results.

I have now received them, the difference is they do not match you with anyone but do three tests in one. They do autosomal, MTDNA and YDNA. They tell where you autosomal comes from. The MTDNA or the motherline confirmed the same as Familytree J1C1F. But the YDNA had gone down another 6 steps from R-M269 I was given R-L21 hapologroup and subtype R-DF13. I also receive a book as a promotion option that told me more about the areas investigated.

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