2019 My Dna experience so far

Well since the last article on my journey with DNA for genealogy. Two years have past since then.

First up Living DNA has changed what it does. They do matching with other people now. But myself has not received any matches yet and it has been a year since they started doing it. You have to be very patient most of the time. It could take years, you just have to have someone who has shared your ancestors. That is it for Living DNA at the moment. I have keep fishing showing up on my match list.

Family tree DNA I have received more matches in the MTDNA section altogether have 109 of them. The only thing is looking through the families of the matches I have not been able to find a common ancestor that connects us. The YDNA matches have increased a little. The 12 markers has 71 matches, 25 markers has 16 and 37 markers has 7. I have not gone any further on them at the moment, maybe in the future. One new thing is I have taken the family finder with family tree DNA. As with the above which only does male line or female line the family finder does generations. Up to 5 generations back they go, so far I have 1562 could be ancestors. One that stands out from the list is a relation with surname Relf. She is my 4th cousin and we share my 3 times great grandfather called Henry Burgess. I go down Henry’s daughter Rose Ellen route and my cousin her sister Alice Maria. That is the only significant one on my list. The other ones share surnames and nothing else. That is all I can say about family tree at the moment.

Now to my favorite DNA for genealogy provider. That is Ancestry DNA, I seem to have more luck with them than anyone else. You mostly have your family tree on there. It is only one of a few that you pay to view it after you have brought the kit. It is massive there catalogue having deaths, births and marriages. Plus census, war paperwork collections and many more.

Top of the list at the present is some one who shares 114 centimorgans. He is graded as a third cousin on the site, I have emailed him and received no reply so far. He is a key to me breaking a certain brick wall. You see my great grandfather William James Turner records are quite allusive. I can not find him on any census properly neither 1901 or 1911. All I know is his dad was called Walter Thomas Turner as it was on William’s marriage certificate. I am not sure if he had any siblings but this match could be a descendant of the sibling/s. You see first name William and the surname Turner are quite a common name back then. That brings me to the point of why do people buy products and not use them to there potential. I love to use the DNA to find other ancestors and share information with them. Ancestry also served up a 4th cousins uncle who is my 3rd cousin 1 times removed. I am also in contact with him. Next up is another cousin we only share 58 centimorgans but he is closer in relationship than the other ones. Maybe the mix from our ancestors is different. He is my 2nd cousin 1 times removed we share my 2nd great grandfather Thomas William Wheeler. I go down the route of Thomas’s daughter Ethel L and my cousin his son Thomas G. There are others on there that match me but they are more distant in relations. The pie chart that was at the start has changed. It now says 100% England, Wales and Western Europe.

Last up is a new one to the list and it is called Myheritage. You can buy DNA test from them or you can upload from other companies. I took the option of uploading from other companies. I uploaded Ancestry one, Family tree and Living DNA. I did a years subscription with Myheritage too. The Relf’s matched with me again on the site and another one. The other one we could not find a common ancestor but had a few common surnames. I have quite a few matches on there with the family tree giving me the most.

I wonder what the next couple of years will bring with the DNA tests I have taken. What break through will happen too.

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I am a freelance journalist and warehouse assistant. I am a keen genealogist. Like old and new programms off the television and in the cinema. I am a hub of useless information. Love a list programme. Game of thrones, Wentworth, Doctor Who fan among others too. Mental health sufferer and writer. Tottenham Hotspur supporter and England fan of rugby union.

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